Tuesday, October 27, 2009

moonlit forest

I have a high stack of pendants (I know you thought I was going to say pancakes, but no. but I would like some of those too...) and etched charms to list on etsy but etsy is not cooperating with me today. I managed to list this moonlit forest copper etched pendant photo and am still having problems that hopefully will resolve overnight... At any rate, this one is on http://jenniferstumpf.etsy.com.

It is a rainy, rainy day here in Richmond, dark and dreary. Dank and dark and dreary and I cannot get motivated this evening. It's a good night to lay in bed, watch movies and work on needlework.

I've been working on various projects all day-- etchings, sewing, cleaning up and running errands but it's hard to get real motivation going. Just when I was going to leash Lucy up and take a good walk, it started to really rain, not just drizzle out, so it was a quick out and back in again.

For cheap entertainment, I've been photographing funny pumpkins in our neighborhood.

I particularly like the top one. Something about the teeth make me laugh.

A bright-shinier day tomorrow, I hope...


SharonP said...

Thanks for the chuckle-I like the weeping pumpkin! It's drizzling a bit in Las Vegas as well, for a change!

Karen said...

I know about those kind of slow, rainy days. Hope your motivation comes back!
The necklaces are beautiful. Time for me to do some Christmas shopping. I like the pumpkins, too.