Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a few new items with lots more to come

I'm delving into fabric art, as I am making art quilts. These sweet little bluebird stampings are too lovely to resist on my own work, so they are to be offered up for sale on etsy tomorrow...

this is the cutest teeny tiny postcard on overdyed distressed muslin. so sweet!! about ten more to go on that front... have to work on the photos tomorrow and then upload. i'm spent tonight!

LOTS of new etchings, themes this time of vintage Paris. Each set is a mis-matched set of scenes and items pertaining to vintage Paris. Voila, mon cheri!

Check them out at

believe. There is no other way...


karen gerstenberger said...

SO much beauty and inspiration. I'm thrilled for you! Enjoying seeing each item that you post - it's like a feast for the eyes.

Sarah said...

are these etchings via stamped images? I've not tried that yet - I presume you could use Stazon or similar ink as the resist?

the etchings I've done so far are just my sharpie doodles

it's a lot of fun isn't it :)