Wednesday, October 10, 2012

to begin again

After a year working for the government, several deaths in the family, an amazing pinch-me-I'm-dreaming stint studying couture embroidery in Paris, exploring other mediums in fiber arts, four apartment moves in three years, and helping my husband with his business, I am coming full circle and back at my bench making jewelry.  It's been a pretty long break and probably well needed.  I have ideas, ideas, ideas, and lots of sketches.  The rather washed out photo of wire wrapped pearl and aquamarine chandelier earrings above is a little sample of what I have been up to, beginning again.

There is too much, way too much, to encompass in one post, so this is just a "I'm still alive!" post, with more jewelry to come.  Also I am new to the new Blogger, and it is a doozy, isn't it?  I am embarrassed to mention how long it took me to re-vamp this page from the old.

You can see my work this month in Best of Step by Step Wire Jewelry 2012, page 73.

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Karen said...

Glad you are still out there kicking, girl! I didn't know where you went, but it all makes sense now that I see what's been going on. The new earrings are beautiful and I will look forward to seeing what art comes forth out of your time away. Welcome back.