Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beauty Walk- reloaded!

I made a necklace today, incorporating a pendant previously created and dismantled with different elements.  More and more I am enjoying simpler designs with just a hint of sparkle and color, just enough to catch attention but not so much that it is distracting.  The pendant is hand stamped brass and is from the Navajo Beauty Way poem.

I am also loving the simplicity of vintaj wire and chain (this one is 20" with a 3.5" inch pendant drop), which goes so well with a summer tan and does not tarnish as easily as silver (no, it does not turn your neck green!).

Lanyard hooks are so cool!  This piece has two-- one vintage lanyard hook on the 3.5" drop pendant and one as the clasp.  I see all kinds of design potential using these simple but interesting elements.

And I had to post a cute photo of my big boy Mango the Manx, propping his head on his new squirrel toy.  :-)  I didn't plan for the sofa, toy and kitty to be the same color!

For a closer look (at the necklace, of course), check out my etsy shop


karen gerstenberger said...

Glad you are enjoying creative inspirations in your art - and what a great photo of your beautiful cat!

boniusia said...

wonderful necklace ...