Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Before we left for Christmas holidays, Richmond had the thrill and then the misery of more than a foot of snow. Here is the misery of it--- our newest car was the only car out of dozens that managed to have a tree fall on it. Fortunately enough snow fell prior to that the damage was minimal small dents and easily taken care of next week in the auto body shop.

Undeterred, we packed up and headed four hours northeast to visit my parents for Christmas eve, day and Boxing Day. Maggie and Lucy (looking a little off still..) are ready for their presents. As usual, they received a pile of new toys, chewies and treats!

Christmas Day. Lucy is not feeling very well. Rainy weather flared up her arthritis and she had an upset stomach. Nothing serious and she is fine now but I felt bad for her because she always loves Christmas and understands it (the opening presents part anyway!) better than any other dog I know.

My mom's lovely holiday shirt. She painted this design on it! Isn't it beautiful? I think she needs to start marketing them.

The view of the front room, Christmas morning. Mom and Dad cut a Charlie Brown tree from their property and set it up. I love it!

Some of my parent's ornaments. They decorate so beautifully every year. Old heirloom ornaments and figurines, lights and pine. I enjoy it all so much.

Christmas dinner at my parent's house with my folk's next door neighbor. My mom made a wonderful dinner of turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings, offset with vintage Christmas tablecloth, plates, and my grandmother's beautiful candelabra.

My husband started with a bad cold the day before we left, so I hurried to get things ready to go so we could get the germ factory out of their house. In between snoozes, Michael took this photo from the drive home on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. A lovely buttermilk sky...

Happy New Year everyone!


Karen said...

Happy New Year to you, Jennifer. Thanks for your blog--it is thoroughly entertaining and inspiring.

Candi said...

It is neat how you can find so many ppl from different places. I live on east side. You probably remember where that is. I love it here. I will never leave! I am going to add you to my blog list. :) Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the tree/car episode! Judging from the other photos it looks like you had a great Christmas.

Best of luck in 2010.

-Luke Sidewalker

karen gerstenberger said...

It looks like it was a warm and happy trip. Your parents' home is lovely.
So glad that your car was not seriously hurt!
I hope your husband has recovered; so many of us got sick over the holidays, it was surprising. At least we had some days to recover with our loved ones.