Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Heart Whole Foods

Still no internet at home, or phone, and barely television. Through some weird and cruel mis-alignment of the stars, planets and sun, we fell in amongst the .1 percent of people dissatisfied with Fios and utilized the 30 day money back guarantee to can the entire service. Apparently even though our building is wired to the hilt, we managed to find the one apartment where the internet, instead of being "blazing fast" as advertised by Verizon, was instead the Slowskies at work. The connection constantly dropped down to almost nothing or entirely nothing and really only would work at a minimal speed if we sat in the closet it was installed. So the whole thing with getting bounced around to 25 different Verizon "assistants" on the phone, from Richmond to Bangladesh, all unable or unwilling to help us, made me so angry that not only did I cancel the internet, but the television and telephone as well. So now we are going back to good ole reliable Cavalier service, with DSL and three channels on the television, at least until we can figure out what other service to get. I figure by the time we are ready to move out of this nutty place, we may actually have it relatively livable and wired for technology.

So no pictures of my pretty little green hutch. No photos of jewelry I've completed and sold recently, new etchings, or cute poses by Mango or Lucy. Hopefully next week our DSL modem will arrive and then the next day our phone service is supposed to kick in. It's always something, folks!!!

After a week at work I would prefer not to recall, where my most pressing need after every shift was a nap, an ice cold diet coke and a shoulder to cry on, we are now relaxing in the lovely air conditioned bliss of Whole Foods in Richmond. In front of me-- the biggest, flakiest chocolate croissant I've seen since Europe. In front of Michael? The heaviest pumpkin cream cheese muffin this side of the Mississippi. Heaven.

We watched the show on Farrah Fawcett last night. Man. What a gem she is and God bless her. How disturbing that anyone should have to go through such an ordeal. Watching it, I cried and cried, especially when she interacted with her elderly daddy. *sigh* So hard to watch. Then we took a walk and went to bed, where I fell into a deep, dream filled night of weirdness and bad dreams. Too much stress this past week I guess. But after watching that show, and thinking of all the people in the world going through so much more than my little Fios drama and so on, today and most days I know I have not a thing in the world to be upset about. Nothing nothing nothing.


sharon said...

Amen!! Thinking of you!

stregata said...

I can soooo sympathize regarding internet, having had like problems these past weeks. We have also changed providers and today, I am happily back, via satellit. But my husband spent about a day on the roof installing. Very uncomfortable work!
Hoping you will be back online soon.

Marbella Designs said...

Sometimes we need reminding that our problems are not that bad.
Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for what I have.
The Danny Elfman music on your playlist is wonderful too, very soothing. A lot different from his Oingo Boingo days, hee hee

karengberger said...

I'm sorry about the snafu with your internet connections. That is one of those things that, though non-existent when we were growing up, now seems essential. Isn't that one of life's jokes?
I forgot all about the Farrah Fawcett show. I'm glad that you mentioned it, but am ambivalent about whether or not to see it. It sounds very disturbing and sad, & I'm not sure I need more of that type of image in my head. She was brave to allow it to be recorded, wasn't she?
I like how you were able to use the insight from the show to appreciate your own life more fully. That's a beautiful gift. I hope this week is much better than last week was for you. God bless you!

Christine Damm said...

Yes, funny how a reality check like watching that show works. And that's why Farrah gave us all that gift. Personally, when Mercury is in retrograde, like it is now, nothing electronic or financial works for me-- computer breaks down, clients forget to send the checks, etc. But over by the end of May!Thanks for the post.