Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bello Modo!

Hi everyone! Still I have no internet at home or phone but hope is alive! Tomorrow is supposedly the day we go "live" again after a month with no service.

Anyway, for any of you oh so lucky souls who will be attending Bead & Button in person in Milwaukee next week, stop on by Bello Modo's booth 957 and check out my etched pendants. My work will be represented by Pamela Maxfield at Bello Modo at the show. I will have copper, nickel and brass etched pendants as well as some sweet as pie little charms.

Next week, if the universe allows, I will be back online with pictures and real blogs instead of piecemeal-patch 'em together sentences here and there once a week.

Until then, have a great weekend. TGIF (almost!).

1 comment:

sharon said...

Can't wait till your back Jenn! Wishing you the best of sales at Bead and Button....sure wish I could go!!!