Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tribal Dance

Tribal Dance with Inclusions. I worked with paints on this one, mixing paints, layering and then sanding, then painting some more. I like the ancient look of it, almost aboriginal. Makes me want to take the same paint and put my hand print on the wall but I doubt our landlord would appreciate it.

Reverse side. This is a larger pendant, with copper inclusion at hand of figure on the right, brass inclusion on top left.

Gold swirl tube beads. I'm going to start making more finished works to submit to magazines since it's been two issues since I've been in Belle Armoire Jewelry and I've long wanted to submit to Stringing and other jewelry magazines. One of my pieces will be seen in BeadStyle March issue on Lorelei's design so be sure to check it out. The component she used will be in stock on my Etsy shop within the next few weeks.

Still using up clay from previous projects. This was a lentil bead gone wonky, so it stayed in this shape with bronze bead inclusions on both sides. Sanding to 2000 grit, then polished with a soft buffing cloth for finishing.

Heather Powers' tutorial on shell logs helped these tube beads along. Seen here with metallic teal base. An infinite combination of colors combined makes these patterns particularly interesting and fun to make.

And finally, for more color inspiration... gelato, anyone? Florence, Italy, January 2009.


karengberger said...

WOW. Inspired beadwork. Gorgeous gelato. I love how much creative energy you is your job going?

Theresa said...

Beautiful beads!!!!! And the gelato.... Yummy.....