Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back In the Beading Groove

After a lengthy sabbatical, the clay finally came back out into the open last night. I have alot of leftover bits and pieces of this and that for polymer projects, so it got put into these tube beads and some others. I felt totally discombobulated making beads again after such a long time trying to make other things work and working on other art projects, had to think a bit to figure it out again.

This bead of dancing figures seemed plain, even after picturing it all painted, so I added some brass and copper inclusions and put a sterling bail on top, plus poked holes and put other little marks on it. Now it has a more celebratory look to it to match the little figures. It's cookin' right now...

"In the Pink" beads. These mokume beads remind me of poodles with little pink bones.

I was glued to this spot on the Ponte Vecchio for a while, admiring all the incredibly beautiful necklaces. I didn't buy anything, though. So expensive.

I didn't buy anything here either but just look at that display! Amazing... Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy.

Another photo from Italy. I am a huge fan of all of Frances Mayes' books (Under The Tuscan Sun) and have long wanted to see her restored house in Cortona, so we took a day trip from Florence and walked from one end of Cortona to the other without finding the house. Finally we nabbed a taxi and it took us right to the front gate. Isn't it lovely?? The colors were much prettier in person. I can imagine this house in summertime overflowing with flowers and sunshine. Of course what you read in the book and what is in person was slightly different in my mind. The house was fabulous but in my mind it was more of a giant that in person. It seemed a pretty typical country home, albeit a famous one. No, we didn't see Frances or Ed Mayes. I read after we returned to the US that they had been there for the olive harvest about two months before. *sigh* I don't know if they were there while we were or not but the house looked pretty shut tight and also, I know they have another restored property that is more remote, away from prying tourist eyes like mine. Too bad. They have terrific olive oil, though. Go to her website and look into ordering some Bramasole extra virgin oil. Yum!

Finished beads to come tomorrow...


karengberger said...

Gorgeous photos, and the beads are lovely. Can't wait to see the painted one after it's finished.

Lorelei said...

Hey Jenn!
I love how your new beads turned out! The pink rounds are so cool!

Gaea said...

Oh my gosh! How amazing! How could you pry your self away?! Thanks for the mini vacation!