Monday, November 10, 2008

Let the Eagle fly...

Boy oh boy, please don't tell me I'm the only one who is already tired of reading blog entries dedicated to praying for President-elect Obama. Nothing wrong with prayer, nothing at all. But the way it is used is really too much. Such as one I saw today-- prayers that Obama will come to know Christ, which I really don't understand. Has Obama denounced or renounced Christianity? Not to my knowledge. That aside, no one can presume to know what someone else may know of Christ in their personal life and to project it as such upon them is self righteous and self serving.

Then, I saw a blog discussing prayers that Obama may somehow "surprise" us with his ability to successfully lead this country. Honestly, somehow, I think Obama has it covered.

Sincere prayers are one wonderful thing, otherwise it's clear to me the "prayers" alot of these people really would like to have answered would be for Obama to have lost the election. In each case, these good people make sure we the readers know they did not vote for President-elect Obama. That's all fine. Everyone has their opinion.  

In the prayers of some of these bloggers, I read alot of fear.  In between the lines it oozes and splatters all over the place.  Because my goodness, we may very soon have life saving stem cell research in the works, finally. Heavenly days, we will very likely have in the next four years supreme court justices appointed that support pro-choice. We may have to end the war in Iraq. We may see an increase in gun control laws. We may see steps taken to ease our reliance on foreign oil and steps taken to protect our planet from environmental disaster. At long last. These are my opinions.

So continue to pray for Obama, by all means. Thanks be to God. Right now I pray I can continue to pay our bills in this lousy economy. I pray I can find a job that pays more than seven bucks an hour. I pray for good health for myself and my husband and that we, along with 50 some million other uninsured American citizens, can have affordable health insurance. I pray I can finish college without having to sell everything I own to pay for it. I pray I can continue to help out the homeless guy that lives on a plastic chair near my building with two shopping carts. My husband and I feed him several days a week and give him money when we can, a veteran of the Vietnam war, like John McCain. This homeless vet's words? "I never thought I would be the one to end up on the street... I never thought it would be me."

So there are many things to pray for, aren't there, out there, other than for Obama's projected deficiencies and inabilities based on the loss of a candidate. It's everso disheartening.

This is just me.  Now I can get back to making things.


karengberger said...

Isn't it wonderful to have been able to cast a vote freely? I am thankful for that. This time, I guess I do feel more impelled to pray for our elected officials, because I sure as heck would NOT want to be in their shoes; I think that the work ahead is daunting for everyone. Maybe it's a movement of grace. I'm glad that you shared your feelings about it. It feels good to be able to speak & listen openly.

Jennifer Stumpf said...

it is. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. Of course right now I don't always want to be in my own shoes. Because fighting to keep afloat is exhausting. I guess that airing feelings about all this is just part of the transition.

Gaea said...

Thank you! Thank you for saying what I was feeling and not being able to get out because reading those blogs made me so frustrated. Fear. I think some folks just need it to survive. Why do some feel the need to tell others what to do? So, thank you! If we all were as kind and generous as you guys are we would have nothing to be fearful of.