Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Italian etched pendants

Since I was working on filling some Etsy orders for etched pendants anyway, I got a hankering to try out a huge new rubber stamp, all in Italian. Even though I am going to Italy in less than two months *gulp*, I do not know what the etchings say. This time, instead of leaving the back blank, I took a gamble on burning through the thin copper and etched the reverse side with additional Italian text. They turned out spendidly, although an etched brass barrel didn't fare so well, burned to a thin rusty looking hunk of junk. Lorelei, I'm going to get you!! No, it was my own dumb fault. Trying to do too many things at once and putting different pieces into the etchant at different times and then getting mixed up what was done and what not and you can predict the results.. oh yes. So I spent this evening working on another barrel, which turned out well, and it's on it's way to California.

Reverse side of each, in order as above, shown below... Tomorrow, into the beleagured Etsy shop they go.

Two weeks ago, I went to visit my parents. This past weekend, they and my little pal Maggie came to visit us for a few days. We dashed here, there and everywhere, sightseeing, looking at leaves, eating ice cream and enjoying each other's company. Here I am in front of an ice cream shop with my sweet little girl. Don't laugh, but Maggie knows me as her "Sissy" and goes crazy whenever anyone mentions that word. We have a special bond, that little dog and I, and she is even crazier about my husband, who is known to her as "Uncle Michael." Do we love dogs or what? =)

Of course, even though he is ornerier than the devil and in trouble much of the time as a result, I loves me some fat orange kitty as well... I'm not sure Mango appreciated this hug and kiss, but he should be used to it by now.


Lorelei said...

*batting my eyelashes innocently,
What did I do?!

Love the etched pendants! Save me a couple would ya? I am hoping to make some cash today. fingers are crossed!


Swestie said...

The etching is beautiful, and (gasp!) on my favorite papers that makes me swoon!!

I've almost knitted enough for one arm warmer (well, sort of...) Hoorah!

When and why are you going to Italy? And oh yeah, where?

Douglas Harland said...

Nice etched pendants.
My daughter just put some beaded dragonfly pins on Etsy, how is it going for you?

Jennifer Stumpf said...

hi douglas,
it's going ok. i sold three etched pendants today. it's like anything these days, good weeks, bad weeks. most of what i sell is not on etsy, but to art galleries, boutiques, and commissioned pieces. thanks for looking at my blog and good luck to your daughter.