Monday, November 16, 2009

bright sky over winter earrings

I don't know why I love earrings that move or any piece of jewelry with alot of jingle. It's gotta have movement or I probably won't wear it. My wedding rings fit one into the other, my necklaces, both bought and self made, are almost all accented by numerous interesting dangles and parts. And the same with earrings. Here is my latest offerings on etsy. The smoky quartz barrels twinkled so beautifully, they demanded to be paired with something interesting and different. These remind me of a lovely winter day, the contrast of the brown, gently laid to rest winter landscapes with a clear turquoise blue sky. For added interest and movement (again) I soldered a number of hand made jump rings and allowed them large enough to freely move up and down the layers of beads, but just enough to keep them from coming off the top or bottom bead. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. =)

A closer look.

What a belly buster! Oh my sweet big boy, he is my little (?) love. =) This is the epitome of the lazy cat. Why lay on the floor when you can sleep on the sofa with your big orange head resting on a vintage pillow? Why indeed??

I've several orders to get finished up tonight and I am still coming down from a job possibility that looked promising but ended up disappointing. Always I am reminded how much more I like working in my studio than going out there trying to find another way. If I put all that time into making things I maybe wouldn't need the other way of life, and every time I go to a job interview for a job that is less than stellar, it motivates me back into the studio. Not many people other than those who make art themselves realize what work it is to produce artwork, jewelry, or whatever is your medium for sale. It is hard work. But I love it. What am I so afraid of?

This is definitely a coffee shop night.


Karen said...

Gorgeous, as usual. I'll say what I always say and can't quite hold in: You are soooo talented! Amazingly talented! You have so much beauty lurking in that mind of yours.

Gaea said...

They are so beautiful! Knowing what horrors lurk out in the job market are motivation enough to keep me fast and furious in the studio! Good thing what you do is lovely! What a beauty of a fat cat! I think it's funny that the word verification is "refuling"

Adventures with Millie Making Jewelry said...

What great earrings! And a cute cat, too! Good luck on your job hunting!

stregata said...

The earrings are fantastic! And Mango is superb! Cats love to rest their head on a "pillow" (real or improvised) - all of mine do it!

maryharding said...

I love your earrings. You are right that movement is very pleasurable in a piece. I hadn't thought of it that way but I often make movement a part of what I create. My heart goes out to you looking for a job. No matter what, keep working in your studio, you do beautiful pieces and the world needs to see them.

Angel.Pearls said...

Hi! Also love these earrings..stunning! I'll check out your Etsy..Love//Eva Sweden