Wednesday, September 23, 2009

birds on wire

I guess I'm in a flighty mood because my pendants are all sprouting birds. Now available in my little etsy shop

A mix of metals. The opposite side of this domed pendant has a single stamped bird under the sun.

I'm working on some submissions for not only jewelry magazines, but fiber magazines as well, with several interesting projects in the works.

My parents visited this past weekend, leaving their little dog with us for autumn doggie camp, while they travel in the Northeast. Since my mom and I saw the movie Julie & Julia, we have both become veritable Julia Child freaks. Since we saw the movie, we have been deeply coveting the original non-book club Mastering the Art of French Cooking book. My mom, who has a vast cookbook library, called my husband last week before they visited, all excited! What could be going on? Well, she knew she had the part two book in book club version, but! She rooted around in her vast cookbook library, in a hidden away part of a cupboard and VOILA! She found an original first edition copy of Part One Mastering the Art of French Cooking! We both screamed with excitement! And she didn't even remember she had it before... Goes to show, folks-- never throw anything away! I, being of meager means, have been drooling over the first editions on Ebay but they are going for HUGE prices. Good heavens.

We spent part of our time over the weekend trolling the thrift shops in search of an older edition of this cookbook and today I stopped at another Goodwill, still searching in vain. Until I come across a treasure, I am consoling myself with the fortieth anniversary edition. Price? $24.95 from Costco. That's more my speed.

Keep checking back on my etsy site, if you wish, and...

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

i love the birdies and the sun, they remind me of glyphs.

Anonymous said...

For the longest time I thought the best use of metal was in coins.

Jennifer those are beautiful pieces and my long standing opinion is shifting!

All the best,

-Luke Sidewalker

Leslie @ Bei Mondi said...


Wonderful necklace! I think a lot of us are very fond of our feathered friends. I still haven't seen the Julie and Julia movie but you have me intrigued.


SummersStudio said...

Jennifer, this is another wondrful piece. And I still owe you a copy of that patina article. But from the looks of it you don't need it. You've got this down pat!

I would love to see that cookbook! I loved Julie, Julia. Happy cooking and making jewelry.

karen gerstenberger said...

You are clearly having a LOT of fantastic inspiration - I'm so happy for you.

On the subject of Julia: PBS is running some of her old, B&W episodes, and I am loving them. And I'm hoping to find Vol. II of "Mastering the Art..." when it's available at a good price. Costco, you say? I'll be looking! Thanks for the tip - so happy that your mom found her original!

Karen and Joe said...

I love your blog, your art and your music pics. I also love the way you talk about your parents! Very beautiful, all of it. Thanks for the refreshing break in my day. You are so gifted.
Karen Johnson